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Investing in Platinum

When investing in bullion, many investors and collectors tend to gloss over buying platinum bullion. Historically speaking, platinum has not been traded like its rivals, gold and silver. In fact, in terms of historic mining, platinum has usually been regarded as worthless by miners. However, in more recent times, people have begun to view platinum as a wonderful addition to their investments and collections due to its rarity.
There are three types of platinum bullion available: platinum bullion bars, platinum bullion coins, and platinum bullion rounds. When looking to invest, platinum bullion bars would be the best option as they are the easiest to store whether in a bank or home safe. Platinum bullion coins, on the other hand, are a perfect option for those looking to add platinum to their collection. Platinum bullion coins tend to be quite rare as there are fewer of them available due to the additional cost and level of difficulty when turning it into coinage. If you are interested in collecting platinum bullion rounds, it is important to remember that the round is not usable as legal tender. They can however be personalized with logos or mints, making it an ideal choice for collectors as long as they are certified and hallmarked.
If you have decided to diversify your investment with platinum bullion there are a few tips to remember. Purchasing bullion when the economy is bad would be the most advantageous to you as most people will be purchasing gold and silver, causing the price of bullion to drop. This is a dream for investors due to the fact that as soon as the economy turns around, the prices of platinum skyrockets as well, making it easy to sell. The only other issue to remember when investing in platinum is that it can, at times, have higher dealer premiums than gold or silver.
In summary, purchasing platinum bullion should definitely be on your list of metals to invest in and should be looked at as a long term investment that has the potential to pay off very well when choosing the optimum time to sell.

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