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Rare British Coins

Interested in British coins? We have compiled a list of some of the most rare and expensive British coins from the past two centuries.

Topping the list are the Crowns which include the 1847 Victoria Crown, the 1932 George V Crown, and the 1936 George V Crown.

Next we have the half crowns. Some of the most valuable coins would be the 1823 George IV Half Crow, the 1841 Victoria Half Crown, and the 1952 George VI Half Crown.

There are several other valuable and rare forins, shillings, four pence and pennies. Some of the most notable and valuable would be the 1877 florin with no die number, the 1857 shilling with the inverted G in DG, the 1843 George IV penny with no colon after the REG, and the 1862 half penny with the die letter to the left of the lighthouse.

If you are unsure of what you have, it is recommended that you bring your British coins in to be valued and graded.

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