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The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

The Saint-Gauden is a twenty dollar double eagle that was minted in the US from 1907 until 1933 when Franklin Roosevelt moved the country from the gold standard.

The coin was named after it's sculpter, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who was commissioned by Theodore Roosevelt in an effort to beautify the US coinage. The design of the Saint-Gauden Double Eagles are considered by many historians and collectors to be some of the most beautiful coins ever produced.

The most famous of the Saint-Gauden Gold Eagles is the 1933 Saint-Gauden Eagle due to it's rarity. In 1933, during the depression, Franklin Roosevelt moved the country away from the gold standard. Many of these coins did not survive as banks and people were required to turn in their gold coinage to be melted down and taken into the treasury. In a lucky turn, some coins were saved and there are currently only a handful of these gorgeous coins, less than 20, in existence.

In 2002, a 1933 Saint-Gauden Gold Eagle was sold at auction by Sotheby's for $7,590,020. It is the only 1933 Saint-Gauden known to be in the hands of a private collector. The rest of these rare and valuable coins are held by the government in museums and government vaults.

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