Coin Collecting Supplies

We have a full array of coin collecting supplies to protect your coin investment.

Coin Holders

Coin Holders

We carry a full line of coin holders, including self seal and staple type cardboard 2x2s.

Choose from round or square coin tubes for all sizes of coins. We carry coin collecting supplies by Coin Safe, Numis, Marcus and more.

Coin Tubes

Square and Round Coin Tubes

Protect your coin investment, we have high impact tubes with twist-off caps are built with excellent quality and durability.

Coin Boxes

Coin Boxes

Looking for coin boxes? We carry a large line of coin boxes made for 2x2s, coin tubes, slabs, mint and proof sets, and other coin supplies. Our coin boxes come in a variety of sizes, types and colors.

Coin Pages and Binders

Vinyl and Poly Pages

Choose from a full assortment of vinyl and polypropylene coin pages designed to hold 2x2s, 1.5x1.5s and 2.5x2.5s.

Coin Folders

Coin Albums

We have a full line of coin collecting folders made by Whitman, HE Harris and Littleton.

Air Tight Coin Holders

Air Tite Coin Holders

Ring type and direct fit air tight coin holders. We also carry boxes and albums made just for air tight coin holders.

Coin Slabs

Coin Slabs

We stock a large array of coin slabs of various sizes and materials including. Protect your coin collection by buying one of the best.

State Quarter Coin Folders and Maps

State Quarter Maps and Supplies

State Quarter maps from the US Mint, Whitman, HE Harris, and Littleton. We also have folders and albums for all 50 states, plus the 6 territories. The Coin Supply Store carries all your coin collecting supplies.

National Park Coin Folders and Maps

National Park Quarter Supplies

Looking for National Park quarters and supplies? We have a full assortment of folders, albums, maps, and more all designed specifically for the National Park quarters.

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